Free webcam pregnant

29 Jan

However, Animal Adventure Park officials reminded the public that a giraffe's average gestation period is around 15 months — making it difficult to get the timing exactly right.

If you’re wondering why so many millions of people are glued to a live cam of a pregnant giraffe who has declined, for many weeks now, to give birth to the calf we are all expecting, just read some of the posts on April the Giraffe’s official Facebook page.

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April was due in mid-February, according to her zoo. (FOX 13) - After being taken down off You Tube briefly, a viral live camera feed of a giraffe about to give birth is back online."This is a perfect example of why we cannot have nice things," said Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch, who appeared in a Facebook Live message this morning.And millions of people are still watching day and night. There are now hundreds, maybe thousands of posts on the Facebook page defending the Harpursville, N.Y., park from naysayers, so many that the naysayers comments can barely be found.