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22 Apr

Every month when you pay your bills, you’re subsidizing idiocy. Your car insurance rates, for example, are higher because some guys think it’s a good idea to get drunk and see if their pickup truck can fly.Your health insurance rates are higher because those guys’ friends think a healthy lunch is a Carl’s Jr. There is, however, one area of personal finance where other people’s bad decisions will finance your Caribbean vacation: credit cards.They help build credit, they offer fraud protection as well as perks such as rental-car insurance, and they’re a uniquely efficient, portable form of purchasing power.“How else can you carry ,000 in your pocket, with no liability if you lose it? Too often I hear from people who carry a balance on a credit card even though they have enough money savings to pay it off.Now, it’s all about working out the best credit card deals for your personal circumstances and needs.The best way to do a credit card comparison is to decide what you want from the offer and work backwards.One of the things that had really surprised me was that, the App Store wouldn’t allow me to download free i Phone apps without registering my credit card details.

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His one-on-one interviews include TV stars, a hip-hop mogul, best-selling authors, a championship boxer, an etiquette expert, a secret agent and a meteor hunter. The history of credit cards -- From charge plates to Apple Pay, here's a look back at the many iterations of the credit card over the past 150 years. (See History)The new card skimming is called 'shimming' -- Shimming is the new way scammers are stealing your data from your EMV chip cards. (See Shimmers)'Financial Life' author Beth Kobliner on millennials' money needs -- Millennials have different priorities than their parents, and author Beth Kobliner, explains why. (See Q&A)'The Aisles Have Eyes' author talks privacy and data in shopping -- Author Joseph Turow discusses coupons, data collection and privacy in the personalization of the shopping experience ...

Now collection agencies start calling you day and night. Or if you answer the phone, record the conversation.

This is all happening between three and 12 months after you stopped paying on your debt. So record the conversations and try to get them angry. They use fake names like “Dick Brockman” and they say things like “In five days we have to go to court and seize all of your assets.” Again, in some states this is illegal to say. One thing you always have the right to do: Say, “Show me the proof I owe this money.” Since the collection agencies got your name from a hedge fund that might have bought only part of your debt from another hedge fund, who knows where that original proof is?

If dipping your toe into the credit card pool is about funding a specific purchase, you need a card offering the longest 0% interest period on new purchases, giving you the longest time to pay off those expensive one-offs.

As long as the balance is paid off by the end of the period, these cards stack up against the best of the interest free finance or purchase loans you’d find on the high street - from furniture or electrical retailers for example.