Fittness dating

28 Dec

While your daily workout routine may not lead you directly to the love of your life, it can have a profound impact on your dating life in a variety of ways. And if it did, then your name must be Chance and your wife's name must be Lucky.You know those classic rom-com scenes where the woman is taking her morning run through the park, and she just happens to trip over herself and fall into the shirtless, good-looking dude who is also out in the park for his morning run? If you're a guy, all you have to do is pop your shirt off and wait for some woman to casually fall into your arms. Sign up for a running club, a yoga session or a workout class at your local gym. If you're a woman, all you have to do is forget to tie your shoes and start running. Rather than exercising your thumb with a swipe right and swipe left on your trusty dating app, try something new.Consider it the modern way to chat up the hot guy lifting weights and meet him with a blowout and heels instead of a red flush and Lululemon.But if post-workout flirting is exactly your thing, look for special Sweatt events in the new year at New York and Miami fitness studios such as Barry's Bootcamp (where two of the founding team members met and became a couple).

If the above statement describes you, then fitness singles dating sites were created just for you.More » Part of the community, Singles categorizes their database of folks looking for love by the sports they participate in. Includes features such as staying healthy as a family, a fitness camp database, and a free training log.More » A Connecticut-based organization focusing on fitness dating through the hikes and beach parties that they organize privately.And I'm not talking about being the creepy dude in the back of the yoga class who whispers, “I'm an expert at downward dog.”I'm talking about putting yourself in a social setting where you may meet someone new.Plus, you immediately know you and this person already share a common interest of fitness.