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15 Apr

About 80 percent of Americans are descended from people of European ethnicity.The short summaries that follow present information on the population, distribution, migration History, and cultural persistence of thirty-seven European ethnic groups in the United States.We pride ourselves on customer service, which is why you will feel like a VIP every time you visit.Order our wines by the glass, or enjoy an informative wine tasting before purchasing a bottle to take home with you.

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Appended to some summaries are short lists of publications, most of which are recent Studies of a particular ethnic community or a general historical or cultural survey of the ethnic group.

Some of the information in these summaries is derived from The Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups and We the People.

These are the basic reference resources for information about American ethnic groups and should be consulted for additional information and references.

See also Acadians , Amish , Appalachians , Basques , Doukhobors , French Canadians , Hasidim , Hutterites , Irish Travelers , Jews , Mennonites , Molokans, Mormons , Old Believers , Ozarks , Peripatetics , Rom , Shakers ALBANIANS.