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28 Apr

He then told CBS News that there was an 'appearance' the Trump businesses were profiting from the presidency. I know that the effect is that there’s an appearance that the businesses are profiting from his occupying the presidency,' Shaub told the network.

'And appearance matters as much as reality, so even aside from whether or not that’s actually happening, we need to send a message to the world that the United States is going to have the gold standard for an ethics program in government, which is what we’ve always had.' Walter Shaub Jr., director of the U. Office of Government Ethics walks on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Corey Goldstone of the Campaign Legal Center said Shaub will fill a newly created post.

This linkage results from a practice connected with the cult of Ishtar, in which transvestites performed acts using knives.

It is of interest that the term kur-garru, a male prostitute or transvestite entertainer, appears on the same list but together with entertainers.

Data is already public.” This sentiment is repeated in the accompanying draft paper, “The OKCupid dataset: A very large public dataset of dating site users,” posted to the online peer-review forums of Some may object to the ethics of gathering and releasing this data.

However, all the data found in the dataset are or were already publicly available, so releasing this dataset merely presents it in a more useful form.