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I feel like someone could follow me around for two weeks and understand everything they need to know about what I do. And to be great at the how, you need a strategic, curious mind–not a few years working at a company that probably does things completely differently anyway. Your questions matter more than mine Most people go into an interview knowing they are supposed to have some questions in mind.

The people who don’t have any questions–I don’t even want to talk about those people, but it never ceases to amaze me.

And so it would seem that we have applied this concept of gluttony to online dating.

You gorge yourself on delicacies you normally wouldn’t have a chance to indulge in, simply because they’re right there in front of your face.

" when Tiffani Thiessen invites friends Ross Mathews, Jillian Barberie and Tim Meadows over for a fun game night.

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Our value exists solely in our people, and recruiting is our most important challenge as a company.

Toby joins the discussion and they talk about the shuffling of committee chairs in the new Congress and they realize that calling a Lame Duck session may be the only way to go. The Senior Staff meets with Leo and the President in the Oval Office and Toby pitches the plan to the President.

Leo and the President decide to take to the Senate Leadership's temperature on the idea.

Experimenting with online dating is more often than not an intimidating quest.

When venturing into what is widely considered to be the ultimate meat market, the best way to describe the experience is to compare it to a buffet.