Duggar dating rules

22 Dec

"The girls have always said they would send any guy who was interested in them to Dad," Michelle said.

I am fascinated by the Duggars, the delightfully huge and conservative family featured on the hit TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting.

When I started, Jessa was the only one of the four girls currently involved in a courting relationship, but since I started this experiment, People magazine reported that Jill is also courting.

All courting that the Duggars engage in is chaperoned by the family, and the couple is never left alone together.

The Duggars girls don’t date in the typical sense – they “court,” which is seeing someone with the intention of it leading to marriage.

There are a lot of rules to follow, so I decided to take a break from my normal dating and try out the Duggar style.

Likewise, the girls are comfortable with their parents' presence, noting that being alone with men puts them in grave "moral danger." 4. A Lot: "Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love," Michelle, who has 19 children explains.During boyfriend Austin Forsyth’s proposal to Joy-Anna, the two shared a close frontal hug, breaking the side hug rule!Not only did the couple break the rule, it was also caught on camera. In Monday’s “Counting On,” Joy-Anna admitted to her slip-up and shared that she didn’t know cameras were there.They barely seem like they fit in the modern world, but they do always kind of look like they’re having a fun time. So when the four oldest girls, Jana, Jill, Jess, and Jinger released their new book, Growing Up Duggar: It’s All About Relationships, I immediately downloaded a copy onto my Kindle.There are chapters on parents, siblings, friends – but the only chapter I was really interested in was the chapter about romantic relationships.