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29 May

For information on how to back up and restore your smartphone using Black Berry® Desktop Software for Windows® or Mac, review the product documentation for your specific version of Black Berry Desktop Software at

Another thing to note is that this process may take about an hour to complete if the Black Berry smartphone has encryption enabled.

This is all in ramp up to something coming to our happy blog family a little later in September. – ed.) In his previous post 5 Black Berry Safety Tips to Protect your Personal Information, my fellow blogger Alex M.

talked about protecting personal information on your Black Berry® smartphone.

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For instructions on performing a backup of the Black Berry smartphone, please download the Black Berry Desktop Software by clicking here.

When you delete your work space, all work files and settings are removed from the device.

The device wipe is also known as a "security wipe" because the process removes all account data from the phone.

If Content Protection is turned on, the process for deleting all data and applications from the Black Berry smartphone can take up to an hour to complete.

Do not remove the battery from the Black Berry smartphone while data is being deleted.