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09 May

The Hotline’s highly-trained, expert advocates provide peer-to-peer support to anyone who reaches out to us with lifesaving tools, safety planning and hope.

Loveisrespect, a project of The Hotline, helps millions of teens and 20-somethings learn about healthy relationships and dating violence.

The Hotline and loveisrespect are: We offer help through phone services, online chat and text messaging.

Loveisrespect, a project of The Hotline, hosted our first trial of text and chat and in 2011, Vice President Joe Biden premiered loveisrespect’s text-for-help service by sending the first text.

They offer privacy for those more comfortable talking in a digital setting.

These new entry points proved incredibly successful, greatly increasing our reach. *The following statistics include our measurable successes for both The Hotline and loveisrespect.

Women We Didn't Notice Until Women Tell All Those who attended the taping bore witness to what was left on the cutting room floor, and there’s actually some surprising tidbits in there that will give you a new perspective of the Season 20 ladies (and Ben Higgins and Chris Harrison).

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The National Domestic Violence Hotline (The Hotline) is a compassionate, knowledgeable resource shifting power back to victims and survivors through human connection and practical help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.In October 2013 we launched live chat services for The Hotline.Chat and text services allow people to interact with an advocate in different ways.Photos of Lace Morris hanging out with alums like JJ Lane and Ben Zorn have been popping up online, so Chris Harrison thought he’d put the gal on the spot and ask if she was dating someone from the franchise. Don’t sell Jubilee Sharpe short by just including her (totally impressive) promotion to sergeant, ABC!The Florida gal also has just one semester to complete before graduating from cardiovascular sonography school! Becca’s pal Jubilee took her chance to throw the host with the most off his game, though, allegedly saying, “This is called reality television, but there's not a lot of reality to it.” NEWS: Chris Harrison & Amy Schumer Fight Over Jubilee on Twitter!