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10 May

If the new i Phone maps app has taught us one thing it is that there may very well be a direct and blatantly easy way to get where you are going, but that doesn’t mean that somebody won’t knock you onto back roads and U-turns to get there. So, with instantaneous access to all the knowledge your fingertips can click, you better have a digital and social communications plan from the get go.

When customers go searching for info about you, the content that YOU wrote is the best there is.

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The path-to-purchase model is usually explained in a linear fashion.

But we know that shoppers don’t think in straight lines. With the ability to carry a computer that’s the size of half of a Poptart, we research everything we do, buy, see, hear, read. This constant access to information makes it more important than ever for retail marketers to make sure they are delivering the same message across all platforms.