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17 Apr

I couldn’t have fathomed the family relationship being like that, equal, harmonious, compassionate and affectionate.

At the time I couldn’t realize anything wrong about my own life because it’s “normal”, my friends, my schoolmates’ families were pretty much the same.

While that all seems to be logical, the reality is that it is difficult to find out why a seller loses.

Informing sellers that they’ve lost in an odd or unpleasant way is analogous to trying to make a clean break from someone you were dating in school.

Growing Pains was popular at the time in America, but it’s just another silly sitcom to most Americans.And as a visual and musical artist, I'm passionate about making art that forecasts life the way it could be.On my blog, you'll find writings that challenge you, frustrate you, and hopefully inspire you. One of them proposes and before you know, they're dating. Eventually, holding hands, they walk down the aisle. Let's face it: Every single love story is different! If you're going about expecting something magical, then sorry to burst your bubble, there is no such obvious magic on display. Yes, love happens but it happens at its own sweet time. Stop comparing your story with someone else's, can you?