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22 Sep

Maraming namamatay dahil sa stress, lalo na’t ang isang tao ay may bisyo gaya ng pagpupuyat o paninigarilyo.Ang taong nagyoyosi ay saklay ang sigarilyo kapag naka-engkuwentro ng stressful situations.

* * * Alam kong napakahirap itigil ang paninigarilyo dahil ako’y dating chain smoker.

In those days, I used a lot of shorthand -single words to replace entire jokes, references, or phrases.

I had a million and one voices which I used frequently for everyday activities.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), as I got older much of it faded away.

Some kinds of humor transfer well into the grown-up world, though people tend not to respond very well to seemingly random, out of place, and silly words, phrases, or voices. Neither did my funny bones, so as I grew I lost them.