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12 Feb

Not everybody came to come to Boston because of Hurricane Irene a day before.

However, you can see an impressive crowd in the meeting room. The important message: Solid Works is about evolution and not revolution.

I’ve been attending Solid Works Media day in Dassault Solid Works campus in Concord, MA.

Actually, I noted- this is probably the last time event happens in the current Solid Works building.

They grew on me a ton and i was rooting for them to win so yay. I was really rooting for either Jenny & Jelani or Mike & Rochelle, but at least Hayley & Blair didn't win.

Hayley is the singularly most obnoxious human being I have ever seen.

I've never since this show, but I watched tonight's episode and the episode from the Netherlands. I stopped watching this show a few seasons ago sadly.

It used to be a staple in my life and I just got so tired of it. Spent 4 weeks there for work and loved every single minute of it.

"Today, January 14th, it’s been a year since René left us," she wrote.

"He will always be in our hearts." It's been a difficult year for Céline, who lost her brother Daniel just days before René, and she has relied on her children and her work to power through it.

Il y a un an, le 14 janvier 2016, Ren Anglil nous quittait. Today, January 14th, its been a year since Ren left us. -Team Cline A photo posted by Cline Dion (@celinedion) on Dans le cadre de son 38e Gala le 30 octobre prochain, [email protected] dcernera un Flix honorifique posthume lun des plus grands producteurs et imprsarios que le Qubec ait connu: Ren Anglil.

ONTD, have you ever been to Japan, Thailand, Germany, Monaco, Namibia, the Netherlands, Peru and/or Dallas, Texas? Well, other than Wisconsin, Illinois and New York lol. Im glad the only remaining real couple didnt win though bc they sucked at literally everything and shouldnt have lasted as long as they even did.

I really liked Tyler and Laura despite me HATING her at the very beginning. I loled @ him being like IM STILL LOOKING when phil said they were all looking for love. I spent the entire season simultaneously wanting Blair and Hayley to stay on because watching her annoy the crap out of him was hilarious and wanting them to be eliminated to put him out of his misery.