Dating quiz with kai

03 Sep

He has outstanding passion and aspirations for his achievement as a singer.

So, he needs someone who can accept his passionate personality.

Your EXO boyfriend » Comments 647 this quiz is going to be longer than expected Don't hate on me, Choose the date that is closest to your own January 12. - Exo Home Images Polls Quotes Trivia Similar Clubs 41 Fans fanaru; Exo trivia quiz Which member left the group? Find out who's your EXO bias 13,949 people were diagnosed. - mine was kai and our very cute cp hunhan hehe question and answer in the EXO clu. Take this quiz to find out which EXO member will be your future husband (but Baekhyun's dating Taeyeon : P) My friend did this quiz too and she got Chanyeol, that's my daughters actual bias so I think she may fight.

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To him, everything about you is absolutely perfect, even your height. ^^ In the future how would chanyeol and baekhyun father or act (kinda the same thing? It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to come home to find him and the kids running around equipped with kitchen soup ladles and spatulas as “weapons” and bath towels tied around their necks as make-shift superhero capes.

If anything, he wishes you were smaller so he could put you in his pocket and carry you every where with him, which is a really ridiculous idea, but that’s your ridiculous Nini for ya! He would happily attend all of the tea parties with all of his children’s stuffed animals as guests and make believe tea and pastries.

And he likes sexy but sometimes cute and lovely woman.He would give you a few kisses on your forehead and would tell you that he absolutely loves your height because when you guys dance like this, he can easily kiss your forehead and he can see your beautiful smile.He loves you to pieces and there is absolutely nothing he would change about you because he loves you for everything you are.And as you know, Taemin and Naeun can introduce the two to each other.As EXO has gone through twists and turns over recent years(Baekhyun has admitted to being in a romantic relationship with Taeyeon, while Kris and Luhan left the group), Kai doesn't seem to be active in dating somebody, especially someone who is not a SM family.