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20 Nov

Don't know if it's still flying as it suffered a broken back in 2010. p=421238 218357for more info & pics about these Cubs, see the posts 220, 221, and mainly the last sentence in # 226 !! 116842-Small-Air-Forces-Thread-15/page8 friendly, Etienne They could be dumping fuel.

regards.-Hi everybody, I'm a long time visitor of this fabulous website but haven't, till now, ever participate. Is L-39, from Afghan air force during soviet intervention, count in this thread ? I have flown the bird a number of times, real rugged simple piece of equipment.

116842-Small-Air-Forces-Thread-15 I'll start with this frosted gem from Azerbaijan. may be confusing :confused: Freehand ; please read my yesterday message in your, friendly yours, Etienne Luxemburg air force? Photos coming out of the DRPK are not that good, usually.

The saddle-bag hosts fuel and the cabin heater, on that side. This could also be a prop from an upcoming movie as well.

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I'm currently a drilling reservist who has been with my unit for about three years now, including one deployment which put us on active duty for about 400 days.

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