Dating no physical contact

16 Dec

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Ok, so I've been friends with this guy for about 5 years now (but had a crush on him the whole time) and we recently (within the past 6 weeks or so) established that we are interested in each other (I brought up the conversation) as more than just friends.

It might start when a genuinely platonic friendship becomes more intimate, or when someone who is attached, intentionally seeks out someone new to connect with.

Whilst some people believe this type of contact is nothing more than harmless flirting between friends, the spouse left out of the conversation is likely to feel differently.

He drove all the way down to my house last night for the first time to watch the football game and we have plans for this coming weekend. I really dig this guy and I don't want to ruin it by pushing things too soon. friends since 8th grade, established that we liked each other like a month or two before school was over, by then i was in a diff school but we live a couple house away down each other, anyway we started to go to each others houses and nothing but a hug would happen! lol but it turned out to be great, we are also in a long distance relationship but this is the best relationship both of us has ever had and its working out with no problems!

I just wanted to see how important you think physical contact is in a relationship.I've had girl friends in the past that tell me they find me attractive, sexy, and desirable and I'm pretty sure they did, however when it came to physical contact they were less than aggressive, (barely receptive) to the idea of physical contact or sex.It wasn't too long before I started to doubt the words.Against this single, but substantial, argument, is a whole host of reasons why the partners of people engaged in an emotional affair, may feel cheated on: 1. Long-term relationships are built on trust, and the revelation that a partner has been sharing their innermost thoughts with someone else is likely to take its toll on that trust.Hello all, I'd just like to know what people's experiences have been when starting to date someone - as far as physical contact is concerned.