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28 Mar

returns for its third season, not everyone will be back. Henson, who plays Empire Records matriarch Cookie Lyon, says most of the cast had to wait for the first script to find out which major character was killed off. READ MORE: *Seven questions with Empire star Taraji P Henson ‚Äč*Mariah Carey to guest as superstar singer on 'Empire' *Empire's Jussie Smollett is happy to talk about sexual fluidity *Taraji P Henson talks Empire building How has changed your life?

Three small holes near the top of the head suggest it may have been hung as a wall decoration.

One of the heads wore an Egyptian wadjet amulet, and another had Phoenician traits.

Pottery specialist Urszula Wicenciak determined that the clay came from the area around Tyre, another ancient city in Lebanon.

A came through to Ebro in the Morning today for a very good interview about her music, her personal life, and more.

A day after tragically laying her aunt to rest, the Brooklyn rapper discussed the pressures of an artists after a successful smash single such as "Ooouuu.""There's definitely pressure," he said. At the same time you have to put yourself back in that zone that you were in before.