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16 Nov

Unfortunately, I do not have any additional reference material, so I am unable to look up specific shares for you, but I hope this page helps in your search.In order to trace an obsolete security, you need the EXACT name of the company, the date issued, and the state/province of incorporation (all found on the stock certificate).Financial Post Predecessor & Defunct - Basic Search Financial Post Predecessor & Defunct - Advanced Search With the state and date of incorporation information from the stock certificate, one can contact the "division of corporations", usually found under the "Secretary of State" responsibilities.The objective is to determine the status of the corporate charter.Principal, National, Regional, Municipal and Corporate Art Galleries and Collections.Museums, Auctioneers, Law Enforcement Agencies, Insurers, Loss adjusters, Art Dealers and Collectors, as well as private investors & individuals from all walks of life.She lives and works in Ladner, in a houseful of boys, and is currently at work on a middle-grade mystery novel set in one of the nearby floathome communities on the Fraser River.She teaches Writing For Children and Young Adults in the MFA program at the University of British Columbia.

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With this information you can look up the security in several reference books, contact the transfer agent, contact the state/province where it was incorporated, etc..

Your objective is to determine if the shares can be redeemed in another existing firm, if there was a liquidation distribution, or if the shares are worthless.

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