Dating a billionaire

25 Feb

Like lots of us do these days, I met my boyfriend on a dating website.But what I didn't realise, when I clicked on his profile, was that he had the net worth of a small country.At some point in every woman’s life, she fantasizes about what it might be like to date a super-rich guy. We role-play from a very young age that we’re all princesses, waiting for our Prince Charmings to roll up in a diamond-studded carriage, whisk us away to a castle, and live happily ever after without doing a day of work. After a few flirty phone calls, I wanted to know everything about the billionaire. I thought I had a pretty good idea about his character from interviews and TV appearances. What I eventually learned is that he, like many powerful and influential people, just has a really good PR team. We only dated for a few months, but that was plenty of time to learn several important lessons about what it’s actually like to date so drastically outside of your own tax bracket.Date Billionaire is a sub brand of Millionaire Match, and focus on billionaire dating.Now Date has emerged as one of the best websites for billionaire dating.

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So while your lover’s bank account may have as many digits as your phone number, that alone doesn’t guarantee you’ll be living a life of luxury together. I knew it was over when I saw him reheat half a cup of Starbucks coffee in the microwave and drink it.whether dating a billionaire is really all the fun and games it seems? Make a mandatory purchase of an entire family of thoroughbred dogs?Sophia’ breaks down the best and very worst aspects of dating far outside your income bracket. Err on the side of caution when it comes to entering into a relationship with someone who has the cumulative wealth of a small nation.Hollywood Life reported in March that the model and singer "were beefing" and consequently unfollowed each other on Instagram earlier this year.The new photos of Rihanna and Jameel have sparked speculation their "beef" was over the Saudi heir.