D angelo dating angie stone

13 Apr

READ MORE ILOSM fam’ remember we told y’all about the unfortunate situation involving Moesha star, Shar Jackson, and her daughter, Cassilay’s, Disney actor boyfriend, Chris Massey?In case you missed that, Chris (27)- the former star of ?I just felt like I was in a transition with the label and wasn’t receiving the support and marketing I needed for my project. Essence.com: Congrats on finding your “Black Brother.” Do you think it's too soon to get engaged after only eight months of dating? S.: No, it is not too soon when God chooses a man for you.Yes, everyone loves Angie but that doesn’t equate to record sales. I wasn’t looking for him and he wasn’t looking for me.READ MORE ILOSM family, an unfortunate situation has just been revealed about Malia Obama’s recent Lollapalooza attendance.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m happy to work with anyone, but I would have had a lot more respect if they had said, "We really want your expertise and let's do a contract with you to work with these artists." Shy of being an insult, they allowed me to leave and then asked me to do the same thing that I was doing when I was there. Essence.com: You have a song called “I’m So Happy Being Me.” Was there ever a time that you weren't content with yourself? S.: Coming through the fire and through the storm of life with a strong man, my fiancé Ashanti, whom I’ve been dating for eight months and two wonderful children beside me, I’m just so happy that I have been able to maintain my integrity and get to where I am today with the right energy around me.

Not only has her artistry set musical precedents in a fickle industry that caters to bubblegum lyrics, but the South Carolina native has nine albums and one on its way as a testament to her longevity.

Now, with a resurgence of soulsters topping the charts, Stone has proven to be one of the industry’s most dignified soul mavens.

"Even since the beginning, when we presented separate awards for Best Film and Best Video Feature, there's been no definitive AVN Award equivalent to Best Picture.

Now we have one," said AVN senior editor Peter Warren.