Consolidating accounts icloud

26 Jun

i Cloud is a great way to keep yourself in sync across your devices, from photos to files to web history.

But whether you're getting ready to restore a device or you're encountering some problems, sometimes you need to sign out of i Cloud.

Apple appears to be working on a process to allow i Tunes users with more than one Apple ID to somehow "merge" them into a single account.

The ability to do so will be critical to the early success of the company's new i Cloud service, since it relies on Apple IDs for syncing i Tunes purchases and other data.[partner id="arstechnica"]The problem with managing multiple Apple IDs with i Cloud first became apparent when Apple launched an early beta of one of its features called "i Tunes in the Cloud." It allows users to automatically sync i Tunes purchases between i OS devices and computers running i Tunes.

Most of them have already contacted Apple, only to be given the same answer without exception: Apple will not consolidate Apple ID accounts.

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Users may have multiple Apple IDs for a variety of reasons, such as separate accounts for work and home use, or multiple Apple IDs used by a single family.

Mobile Me users can also use their Mobile Me accounts as an Apple ID.

She had spoken to the team responsible for Apple IDs and acknowledged that they understood the issue and that more people would run into the problem with i Cloud.

She also repeated that there is no way yet to combine accounts but revealed they are working on it.