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14 Sep

And being shy means that I am a ‘good’ Christian girl.However, for me, as the years passed, I wondered if this was true. It seemed that in every other area of life God requires my active participation.

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Looking to scripture, I saw, there are women who we admire, who take active roles particularly in the way they relate to men. She perfumes herself, dresses up and then presents herself at Boaz’s feet after he climbs into bed.

There are times when God calls us to patiently wait on his timing.

But perhaps like Ruth, God wants you to take some action. In fact, it may require greater faith in God for you to take a risk, be vulnerable and perhaps learn some new skills that will help you better relate to those around you.

Before I tackle this question I have to say that I chose this particular question to represent a bigger issue.

You see, out of the hundreds of questions submitted, I started noticing a theme that actually made me sad.