Cheatingwives dating

28 May

Our primary objective is to work closely with each one of our clients, building a personal relationship of trust and openness existing on both sides.Ultimately, this helps us all achieve our one common goal: prolonged long-term success.It suggests that even though women are less often the guilty party in divorce, they were traditionally more likely to own up if they had cheated.Since couples have shifted away from divorce on grounds of adultery, there has been a sixfold increase in the number of women divorced by their husbands on grounds of bad behaviour, suggesting that more women are facing accusations of cheating.

"Women tell me, 'I was lonely, not connected, I didn't feel close to my partner, and I was taken for granted,'" marriage and family therapist Winifred Reilly says.“Even though neither men nor women want to be seen as the ones responsible for a marriage breaking down, wives are more likely to admit being unfaithful.“They are particularly able to take allegations of adultery on the chin when they know that owning up to an affair will not necessarily impact on the financial terms of a divorce.When Thea and her husband moved to Los Angeles a few years ago, she had no friends close by and was alone frequently while her husband worked long hours.Though Thea says her husband was the "best friend someone could have," the spark and sex were gone.