Chat with fat lady

25 Dec

Especially when Vanessa made her point about how flirt back at her when she playfully flirts because they have more self confidence.

And that it's the normal, schlubby guys who back off because they don't like being reminded that they're not the hot s*** that they think they are.

By its very nature, a hashtag is open to anyone who wants to use it, whether to ask a genuine question, to critique or to troll.

In Refinery29’s announcement about the event, they wrote, “Whatever your opinion may be, now’s the chance to make your point.”Even before the official 1 p.m.

Their Facebook page (as well as a Twitter post) currently hosts 25 photos of women wearing t-shirts bearing another of their hashtags: #I’m No Angel along with the caption, “A snap. There’s nothing wrong with selling clothes to plus size women, or to do so with a body positive spin, but Lane Bryant should not confuse itself with a grassroots movement.

Chenese Lewis, host of The Chenese Lewis Show, which bills itself as “#1 podcast for plus size women,” interacted with Lane Bryant during the Twitter chat, but told Salon she believes the Twitter chat was more publicity stunt than genuine quest to learn more about Lane Bryant’s customer base.

Louie gave us another double dose of his weirdly dark and funny "reality" this week with "So Did the Fat Lady" and "Elevator Part 1." A more stark, sobering duo compared to last week's heightened mash of hilarity.

"So Did the Fat Lady" was, for the most part, charming.

Fortunately, because the episode took the time to introduce us to the character of Vanessa (Sarah Baker from Go On), and her likable, engaging persona, we were more willing to go with her there at the end when things took a more serious turn.

Now, Mathers has been suspended indefinitely from her job on the popular “Heidi and Frank” radio show on L.

A.’s 95.5 KLOS, and LA Fitness has banned the model for life.

Yesterday, GOOD reported on one of the most malicious examples of online harassment imaginable and now the perpetrator is facing harsh repercussions.

Dani Mathers, 2015’s Playboy Playmate of the Year, photographed a stranger showering at an LA Fitness and posted it to her Snapchat account saying, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.” The photo was merged with a selfie of Mathers covering a devious smile on her face.