Bulk updating

14 Feb

Here’s a list of IDs you would include in your export if you’re updating any of the fields associated with them: • LGL Constituent ID • LGL Address ID • LGL Phone Number ID • LGL Email Address ID • LGL Gift ID • LGL Task ID • LGL Note ID • LGL Contact Report ID Now export the LGL Constituent ID, the LGL address ID, and the addresses, and save the export to your computer.(Read about how to create an export, also known as a report.) Open your export spreadsheet.Within LGL, you can make bulk updates to groups and categories for more than one constituent at a time.But bulk updating your data itself is another matter.You can also bulk update Claims and Assets within the Content ID tab through the same process (Actions).For Claims, some main functions within the bulk update tool are: All of these new bulk update features will help you efficiently update your assets and claims at scale.

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This way, you can utilize the search bar to create bulk updates for a specific subset of your claimed videos (rather than just the videos on your initial landing page).

When you have selected a table cell, you can press any arrow key to move to the next editable cell in that direction.

Hold the key and press the up or down arrows multiple times to select multiple cells in a line up or down the current column.

Currently the only way to update any field for multiple constituents (examples include country, marital status, class affiliation, etc.) is to either do so by hand individually or to export the records you want to update, make any changes in your export spreadsheet, and then re-import the updated data using the Flex Importer.

To do a bulk import, you will first export the data you want to change (in this example, constituent addresses are being update, specifically the “country” for each address).