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09 Apr

The solution is not to rely on the operating system automatic numbering of devices but to use explicit labels to identify the disks.

Disks will be systematically partitioned using GPT, with a possible exception for the disk used to boot because installation of Free BSD 8 can be a bit more complex.

First let’s install pkgng, (should we be calling it simply ‘pkg’?

), it is in the Free BSD ports tree and you can find it under ‘ports-mgmt/pkg‘.

From Free BSD 9, installation procedure is able to create this type of partition.

There are several ways to aggregate disks and increase fault tolerance: by hardware RAID (PERC cards, ...), by pseudo RAID (Intel Matrix RAID, Promise Fast Trak ...), by software RAID (Vinum, ZFS).

[Use a YYYYMMDD date format.] pkg-updating.1.gz:45:trailing whitespace:.

This post covers building a server that will be used to update both ports and the base system on Free BSD backend servers that don’t have access to the Internet.

For ports it will use poudriere combined with the new pkgng package manager in order to build packages that will be distributed to the other servers using Nginx.

Due to PKGORIGIN limitation, we cannot build one python port with python27 and the other with python33 since they require different setuptools versions which have same PKGORIGIN.

With the addition of py-setuptools, we could now have py27-foo and py33-bar coexist in one system.