Bob jones university ends ban on interracial dating

26 Jan

For years, Bob Jones University was a routine campaign stop for conservative Republicans visiting South Carolina.

Ronald Reagan, Dan Quayle, Pat Buchanan and Robert J. Bob Jones, Sr., the founder of BJU, was fearful of obtaining academic accreditation for the school.

The small team bows heads to pray that this will go smoothly and they roll the film. Accommodating, while surrounding him are people both over-eager and a little uncertain.

Like the university itself, they are walking a line between liking him for who he is and exploiting him just a bit for his difference.

It’s a jarring moment in the universe: One of the college’s few black students being told how to perform for a lily-white Bob Jones audience what it means to be enslaved in 1843.

But does not the ban on the admission of blacks constitute a very powerful form of racism itself?

His speech teacher has recommended him for the part of Moses Grandy, who wrote the memoir .

The video segment, in which Schimri reads from the Tele Prom Ter a passage about the graphic horrors of lashings, will be shown to secondary schools and homeschoolers who have signed up for the Bob Jones package of 11th grade history.

In 1947, it moved to Greenville, South Carolina and changed its name to Bob Jones University. BJU continued to appeal up to the Supreme Court, where it lost its case in 1983.

Rather than give up its interracial dating policies, the University paid a million dollars in back taxes.