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13 Jan

Get everyone on the same page now to make actually producing content a lot easier down the road.

Social media is an essential part of 21st century life.

Users often use Burner for Craigslist, Etsy or online dating.

Addappt is an always up-to-date address book that updates instantly when friends change their contact information on their phone.

Thankfully, there are a few tools and strategies I've found that help automate social media so I can focus on growing my business.

If that sounds like a plan, then give these seven techniques a try.

The “personal” upgrade is usable with one site or blog and adds the ability to filter by category, shorten URLs automatically and generate hashtags based on tags.

I just read of other posts on marketing calendars, editorial calendars, content marketing calendars, social media calendars—you get the picture.

And I checked out a monster list of marketing calendar templates in a post on Crazy Egg’s blog.

Between updating your profile, responding to customers, coming up with content and sharing content, managing your social media accounts can become a full-time job.

Over the past six months I've really been dialing in my social media efforts for minimal time effort and maximum output.