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24 Oct

Special Story On Kidney Problems in Guruja, Adilabad Dist | Telangana Udhanam | Raj News Telugu Channel: RAJ NEWS Telugu & Total View: 868 Add Date: August 5, 2017, am & Duration: Likes: 5 | Dislike: 0 Tags: chronic kidney disease, kidney, kidney disease, kidney failure, udhanam, pawan kalyan, udhanam kidney problems, telangana udhanam, guruja kidney problems, adilabad kidney problems, adilabad health problems, kidney diseases in adilabad, kidney diseases in guruja, #kidney, #udhanam, chronic renal failure, gudi hatnoor mandal, adilabad, raj news telugu, raj news telugu live, raj news live, kidney stone treatment, kidney stones treatment DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK!At least 15 people have died due to complications arising out of kidney ailments in the last couple of years and 15 more are on their deathbed in the remote Guruja village of Gudi Hatnoor mandal in the Adilabad district as the residents have access to only highly polluted groundwater and the authorities are unwilling to provide a water filtration plant that costs about Rs 5 lakh.

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