Apathetic about dating

15 Jul

A world where everyone swiped, but rarely connected.

While some apps defended themselves, we at Hinge couldn’t help but feel she had hit a nerve.

That’s why finding your personal fit is so important. The prerequisite for being successful in life, no matter in which area, is finding your own fit. Even rarer are people who understand that they’re persisting at something that isn’t their fit, and that’s one of the main reasons why they’re miserable and unhappy.

Values (what you find important) are those that determine whether you fit with something or not. Unfortunately, the fake feeling of security and clinging to certainty usually prevail over going on an adventure to find a better fit. But who was ever happy and successful while locked in a safe?

When things are going well with our beloved, life is generally good.

Even when other parts of our lives are difficult or challenging, having the loving support and presence of your partner make these challenges easier to tolerate and overcome.

23 percent of women and 27 percent of men say they are not interested in any kind of romantic relationship.

• More than a third of childbearing-age Japanese have never had sex: 39 percent of women and 36 percent of men, ages 18 to 34.

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49 percent of unmarried women and 61 of unmarried men, ages 18 to 34, are not in any kind of romantic relationship.I’ve seen people who settled for the first partner they dated as well as people who made up their minds about what kind of a partner they want and then started searching until they found someone close to that.The probability of long-term happiness is much higher for the latter. Few people are so lucky in life that they just find the right fit by chance, without going through a long and hard process.And often disagreements can boil over into full-blown, foot-stomping, voice-raising, door-slamming battles.With time, perspective, and calm communication, most of these relationship conflicts can be resolved and the relationship repaired.